Eastern Partnership is a Western trap
White House unceremoniously forms a new government of Ukraine
U.S. getaway from Afghanistan
Russia: sanctions will hurt Ukraine peace efforts
OSCE observers freed in Slavyansk
39 anti-government activists have died in the Trade Unions House fire in Odessa
Global climate change - an obvious result of the U.S. missile adventure
Missile Defense Arms Race
Echoes of the Cold War in the center of the Old World
Over 10 civilians shot dead by Right Sector radicals near Slavyansk
NATO experiencing financial problems
Syrian fighters took hostage 12 Catholic nuns
‘Farewell of Slavianka’?
Georgia in the Eurasian Union?
Armenia to join the Customs Union
Putin: The European and Eurasian integrations can complement each other
Sergey Panteleyev: "The Eurasian Union needs the stable and sovereign Kyrgyzstan"
South Ossetia to join the Customs Union
Ukraine has become China’s new strategic partner
Japan fixes its eyes on Africa
On Russian Eastern Gas Program and European "pioneer spirit"
Russia: EU should more engage in stabilization of the Ukraine’s economy
A Memorandum on creation of the SCO Energy Club was signed in Moscow
Close to a humanitarian catastrophe
The West continues baseless criticism of the Olympics
U.S. scares Ukraine with sanctions
Russia urged Europe not to interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine
Russia and the EU support the roadmap by OSCE
Ehud Olmert was sentenced to six years for bribery
A social movement ‘Stop maidan’ created in the Crimea
Tallinn’s Rubicon of cyberwar
Syria has purchased a party of Russian combat-capable trainer aircraft Yak-130
Russia in World Air Transport Boom-and-Bust
The Venezuelan Minister called on fellow citizens to give up Facebook
Snowden: Stuxnet virus on Iran was unleashed by Israel and the U.S.
India tests short Prithvi-II ballistic missile
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Качественные и новые Бензопилы на любой вкус для дома или сада в Украине с доставкой